Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Update

Hey, all.

It's been a while since I posted properly up here. This is because I've been spending the time I was spending blogging actually working on the game. Based on the advice of... someone... one of my commenters here, I believe... (does research)... Ah, it was @scottz, who introduced me to the Hydra Cooperative—I have decided to work out exactly the minimum amount of stuff I need to write in order to publish this game. Forget the many other Realms, forget the intense background material, forget the elaborate bestiary. Character creation, rules for running the game, and just enough setting information to inspire people. If it gets some interest, I'll put out supplements (and if it doesn't, I'll probably write them anyway).

So I recently put together the Character Creation rules into a complete form over on the wiki, and am now working on the Universal Conflict system I posted about way back when, trying to figure out how to include weapons and armor appropriate for all conflict types. After all, why should the melee fighter get a chance to inflict +2 stress with their greatsword, while the charmer has to rely completely on their raw skill?

So here's what's on my list. Let me know if you think anything is missing or on here that doesn't need to be:

-City Creation (as per Dresden Files)
-Character Creation
-Information on Bloodlines
-Information on Factions
-Character Advancement
-Running the Game (adjudication, hazards, etc)
-Conflicts (types, maps, rules)
-A short description and a couple Aspects and Locations for each District
-A small bestiary, with a few common types of City-dwellers and a few unique monsters
-Some GM advice
-A character sheet.

Additionally, now that I have an end in sight (a long way off, as only Character Creation and Bloodlines from this list are actually finished), I'm thinking about how best to present the game. I'm going to have to get it off that wiki some time, put it into a nice pretty pdf. Which means I need graphic design, layout, and (gulp) artists. None of which I can do. I'm looking into starting up a Kickstarter drive at some point, but I need some more to show before I can reasonably do that, including some nice art. Anyone know any artists willing to work for cheap or free?

Anyway, that is the state of things, and I'll come back here when I have something to say, perhaps give you guys some inside scoops into my thought process on some of the new stuff I'm doing—I'll probably write up some more stuff on my thoughts in the Universal Conflict System and weapons when I'm done with that, so look forward to that (relatively) soon.