Thursday, October 14, 2010

City Generation - Clovenmouthe Part 2

Welcome back to our section on the slums of Clovenmouthe. Let's just pick up right where we left off...

Government: The government of Clovenmouthe, such as it is, is made up of a loose confederation of Iversdotter gangs. Each gang is controlled by a single leader, a president/general known as a "Fyrste," elected by a combined vote (to winnow down the candidates to two or three possibilities) and trial by combat (to decide between the last contenders). The Fyrste periodically meet in a summit or "stevne," where they discuss the trade and political issues that affect the entire district. [Fyrste and Stevne are both Norwegian words, fyrste meaning "first" and is a term for political leader, and stevne meaning meeting].

Small portions of Clovenmouthe are outside Iversdotter control -- mostly small neighborhoods controlled by Kipmen gangs, autonomous underground Grate-Scratcher communities, or areas ruled by one or more guilds. These areas have their own laws and governmental systems (Kipmen often arrange their citizens into packs or herds, for example).

Culture: Most of Clovenmouthe's residents bunch together into bloodline groups, interacting with others primarily in business. Partly due to the Iversdotters' influence, Clovenmouthers value family and clan, loyalty, honesty, honor, and industriousness. Etiquette and social propriety are of a low priority -- as is hygiene. Music is popular, as is decorative pottery, jewelry, "low" comedy, street and religious theater. Clovenmouthers marry late but have a lot of children (especially Kipmen, who sometimes have litters).

Religion: Clovenmouthe residents are, by and large, fervent believers in the Light. Their belief is simple, straightforward, based more on blind faith and trust in their local clergy than on knowledge of scripture. However, the ruling Iversdotters eschew the Light, instead practicing a form of ancestor worship, holding their own form and past as perfection, and asking assistance of their progenitor Sigurd.

And a few Locations:

Thewer’s Meet
Description: Grate-Scratcher Swap Meet
Theme: Though they have nothing, the Grate-Scratchers hang together
Aspect: Even in the Sewer, Life Flourishes
Face: Brezza Drasavanic – Grate-Scratcher Security Chief Looking To Keep Her People Safe
Eagle-Shield’s Barrio
Description: The neighborhood controlled by the Eagle-Shield Gang, controlled by Ingra Eagle-Shield Iversdotter.
Threat: (Blood Boils Over) Constant interblood skirmishes with Kipman Wolf Whales
Aspect: Sanctuary in the Storm of Gang Warfare
Face: Ingra Eagle-Shield Iversdotter – Good-hearted But Ruthless Gang Leader
The Shattered Ring
Description: A dark, seedy tavern.
Threat: This can be a friendly tavern or a death sentence, depending on who you are.
Aspect: Comforting But Dangerous Shadows
Face: Mirko Svijevic – Friendly But Imposing Grate-Scratcher Barkeep
Thanks for coming with me to the City's underbelly. Next time, we'll head downtown to City Generation - Tradespoint.