Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Middleman FAE

The Middleman
High Concept: “I’m Just the Middleman”
Trouble: Ride Lonesome
-“Our mandate is protect people from threats, infra, extra and juxtaterrestrial.”
-These Rules Exist For a Reason
-It’s Just You And Me Against All the Bad Things Out There

Good (+3): Clever
Fair (+2): Forceful, Careful
Average (+1): Flashy, Sneaky
Mediocre (+0): Quick

-Because I am Sensei Ping’s favorite apprentice, I gain +2 to Forcefully attack when outnumbered.
-Because I’ve seen it all, I gain +2 to Cleverly create advantages on creatures the Middle-organization has faced before.
-Because I have a great sidekick, I gain +2 to Forcefully create advantages whenever working as a team with Wendy Watson.

Wendy Watson
High Concept: Middleman-in-Training
Trouble: Personal Stuff Gets in the Way
-Rash and Impetuous
-Pop Culture Genius
-My Father Disappeared Under Mysterious and As-Yet-Unexplained Circumstances

Good (+3): Forceful
Fair (+2): Flashy, Sneaky
Average (+1): Quick, Clever
Mediocre (+0): Careful

-Because I am an abstract impressionist, once per session I can create an advantage for free based on a detail I noticed in a previous scene.
-Because the Middleman is the closest thing I’ve had to a father, I gain +2 to Forcefully create advantages when working as a team with the Middleman.
-Because I have great friends, once per session I can get just what I need from Lacey or Noser.

Lacey Thornfield
High Concept: Confrontational Spoken-Word Performance Artist
Trouble: In Love With Sexy Bossman
-I Love My Dub-Dub
-Reap the Whirlwind (That Means We’re Going to Do Bad Things To Him)
-Dr. Barbara Thornfield, MD, PhD

Good (+3): Flashy
Fair (+2): Quick, Sneaky
Average (+1): Clever, Forceful
Mediocre (+0): Careful


High Concept: Alien Android
Trouble: Domineering Schoolmarm version 2.0
-“She’s a hophead!”
-“That's what you get for being made of meat.”
-I Don’t Care

Good (+3): Clever
Fair (+2): Careful, Forceful
Average (+1): Quick, Flashy
Mediocre (+0): Sneaky

-Because I can be hooked up to the HEYDAR, I gain +2 to Cleverly overcome obstacles when searching for information.
-Because I am an alien android, if I am taken out and destroyed, I can be replaced by O2STK at the end of the scenario.
-Because the Middleman and I have history, I gain +2 to Sneakily create advantages when trying to notify the Middleman of danger.

Tyler Ford
High Concept: I’m a Musician
Trouble: Tyler the Not-a-Rock-Star
-I’m a Man of Many Shades and Dimensions
-“You do what you have to do and when you get back, I'll still be around.”
-“Tyler Ford Will Smite You!”

Good (+3): Careful
Fair (+2): Flashy, Quick
Average (+1): Clever, Sneaky
Mediocre (+0): Forceful

High Concept: Master of the Unseen Arts
Trouble: Everyone Remembers Young Noser
-“Yo, Wendy Watson.”
-“I never thought I could play stump the band without hearing a single song.”
-A One-Man Oasis of Zen in a Desert of Insanity.

Good (+3): Careful
Fair (+2): Quick, Sneaky
Average (+1): Forceful, Clever
Mediocre (+0): Flashy


High Concept: Malignant Nematode
Good At: Plagiarizing, manipulating his tenants
Bad At: Creating art, making people not hate him

Game Aspects
-Fighting Evil So You Don’t Have To
-My Plan is Sheer Elegance So You Don’t Have To
-A Big Silver Ball That Gives Us Answers To Things

-The Illegal Sublet Wendy Shares With Another Young, Photogenic Artist
-Booty Chest: The Pirate-Themed Sports Bar With Scantily-Clad Waitresses

-Drown in the Icy Waters of the North Atlantic
-There Can Only Be One Middleman

Unused Aspects (appropriate for switching out at minor milestones)
-I Do Have One Weakness--Magic
-Oh, Phooey
- “I can badge my way into Fort Knox, I can talk my way into Lincoln’s bedroom.”
-Moscow Rules
-I Like To Keep the Old Heroes Alive
-Old Fashioned Manners and Language
-The Middleman Only Uses Violence When the Fate of the World is at Stake
-Sensei Ping’s Favorite Apprentice
-There are some things a man just can’t ride around
-I Will Always Have Your Back. Always.
-Been watching out for you all along
-It’s Waterproof, Shock-Proof, and Grafted To My Skin
-I know you're upset about Art Crawl, but sometimes that's the job.

-And I want you to know that since my dad disappeared, you're the closest thing I've had to a father.
-Queen of Snark
-No one dies on my watch
-You are such a rockstar. - on Tyler

-I’ve Taken a Few Eggs out of My Wendy Basket
-I Have to Take a Stand
-WWWWD? (What Would Wendy Watson Do?)

-Devoid of Human Emotion

Tyler Ford
-A _nado
-Incredibly Observant
-I'm a musician
-Because You’re Made of Awesome -Tyler, on Wendy

-Tyler Ford Isn’t Most People

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