Friday, March 21, 2014

Strange Voyages Gets Ready To Set Sail

Beyond the horizon. Past the edge of the map. Beneath the world you know. There lie the lands of legend, home to every wonder that walks your dreams and every monster that stalks your nightmares. At the height of the Age of Exploration, gather your crew and set sail for glory, gold, and adventure!

Where will you go on your Strange Voyages?

Face off against pirates, mythological creatures, and the tyrannical kings of Atlantis in Strange Voyages! Strange Voyages is a supplement to the Fate Core system, and a complete campaign setting. Inside, you will find rules on creating your own sailing ship, how to easily adapt one of 12 templates to represent any creature from myth and legend, and a variety of exciting, easy-to-use magical powers to outfit your crew and their foes. You will need a copy of Fate Core, available as a pay-what-you-like pdf from, in order to play Strange Voyages.

Our Kickstarter is coming imminently, where you can become part of the adventure!

Until then, enjoy this sneak peek at the Strange Voyages world with one of our Occult Extras...


Witchcraft is a form of magic based on ancient rituals and traditions. Due to the fear of magic in Elizabethan Europe, witchcraft is focused on creating subtle effects, things easily dismissed as coincidence or at least not traced back to the witch specifically. Witchcraft is reliant on having the proper ingredients as well as being able to speak and recite spells, so losing either can make the skill useless. You can spend a fate point to do any of the following, one at a time:

-Curse someone, placing a negative aspect such as Unlucky or Confused until the end of the scene. You get one free invocation on this aspect. 
-Convince a character of the truth of a single falsehood for the duration of the scene. 
-Invoke for a bonus or reroll on any attempt to curse someone or see the future.

You might take a compel to reflect the fact that you’re out of the requisite materials to use your recipes or unable to speak your spells. Alternatively, you could be compelled if using your witchcraft would reveal your powers to fearful mortals.

An aspect that reflects your magical abilities. A Fearsome Witch Doctor, The Only Survivor of the Hapsburg Witch Trials, or Secret Practitioner of Folk Magic.

An aspect slot (for the permission aspect), skill ranks. You are considered an occult character, not a mortal. A character who has not yet encountered the legendary world must use their concept aspect for the permission aspect.

Witchcraft Skill 
-Overcome: You can affect reality in small ways, giving fate a tiny push that nobody notices. You might craft a momentary illusion of a barely-heard voice, push the ship a few degrees away from danger, or find water in the wilderness. 
-Create an Advantage: Witchcraft shines when creating advantages. Through the use of Tarot cards, interpreting the patterns of hot wax in water, or reading entrails witches can peer into the future and place an aspect relating to the future they glimpse, either to avoid it or ensure it happens. You can also perform minor curses to momentarily affect a target’s health or perception, making them Momentarily Blinded, Trusting, or Ill
-Attack: Witchcraft is about subtlety and does not lend itself to something as obvious as an attack. 
-Defend: You can use spells and rituals to defend yourself or your allies from other uses of magic.

-Suggestion. You can guide a target’s thoughts. You gain +2 to create advantages to change a person’s mental state. 
-Poppet. You have learned to create small dolls made in the image of a person, known as “poppets.” Provided you have hair, blood, or another physical piece of your target to put into your poppet, you can make mental attacks on a target at a distance of up to two zones.
-Familiar. You have a familiar, like a cat or rat. It can move and act on its own and communicate with you when nearby. Your familiar has a single skill at Fair (+2) or two skills at Average (+1), which it can use on your behalf. Familiars do not have stress boxes, so they are easily dispatched if placed in danger.