Wednesday, April 19, 2017

200 Word RPG Challenge 2017

Hey! I haven't posted on here in literally three years, and I'm probably not going to start updating regularly now. But, if anyone gets directed here from the 200 Word RPG Challenge, I thought I'd let you know I still exist. You can find my Fate Core game Strange Voyages on DriveThruRPG, and I'm currently working on a Cortex Plus game that originated during National Game Design Month 2016, tentatively titled Seeds of Memory. When I get that done, I'll be posting about it here. In the meantime, here's the full content of my entry to the 200 Word RPG Challenge.


You are all-powerful, multi-dimensional children, playing pretend with your favorite reality.

There is no GM and players control a fantasized version of themselves. Each player starts with 3 “nuh-uh!” tokens.

Agree on a genre or situation. Decide randomly who takes the first “turn.” The turn-taker has narrative control. They frame a scene and define each player as a specific character in it. The turn-taker MUST start the scene by saying “pretend [X happens].” At any time, the turn-taker can end their turn and the player to their left goes next.

When a player narrates an event, no other player can deny it happened without a “nuh-uh” token. You can change or escalate the conflict. The sky’s the limit! Go over the top. Mix genres. Channel your inner eight-year-old.

A player can deny a narration by spending a “nuh-uh!” token. You MUST say “nuh-uh! That’s not what happens!” Then narrate what ACTUALLY happens. Now it’s your turn.

After all “nuh-uh!” tokens have been spent, each player gets to narrate one more action to wrap up the story. Discuss and vote who was COOLEST during the story. That player wins!

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